Frequently Asked Questions About Desire Movies



In this blog, we will answer all of the frequently asked questions about Desire Movies, which many consider one of the very most used illegal movie streaming platforms on the web right now.

Frequently Asked Questions About Desire Movies (FAQs)

Is Desire Movies Safe?

No, Desire Movies is not a safe website, particularly if you plan to download movies and shows from this platform. Please remember that this unique site is an illegal movie downloading website, meaning the files you download may carry a virus. Not just that, but their website has many pop-up ads that forcefully open new pages in the browser you’re using.

Tip: Never download an APK or file from a shady website. This file may include a virus and possibly steal your personal data and information.

Is Desire Movies Free?

Yes, Desire Movies is 100 percent free. With this illegal website, you can download the latest movies, shows, and TV specials without paying a single penny. All you’ve got to accomplish is find a working link for Desire Movies, and you are good to go.


Is Desire Movies Legal?

No, Desire Movies, as we said above, are illegal movies and show downloading platforms. All the films and shows which can be present on this fantastic site were on the internet in a pirated way, and they certainly were made available with this platform in the shadiest way possible. Before downloading anything off this fantastic site, ensure you have an antivirus activated on your computer.

What Happens If I Get Caught Downloading Pirated Movies?

If you are caught downloading movies and shows from Desire Movies by the authorities, the odds are pretty high that you could end up paying an enormous fine. If you are caught distributing illegal movies or shows, you may spend time in jail and pay a considerable fine.

Note: The punishment depends on where the country you are in and what sort of anti-piracy laws it has.

Are HD Movies Available On Desire Movies?

All the films which can be present on Desire Movies can be purchased in HD, which represents High-Definition. Not only their movies but their shows and TV specials are also offered to download in HD free of charge!

Can I Download Shows From Desire Movies?

Yes, you can find hundreds of shows as you can download them from Desire Movies. As we said above, all you’ve got to accomplish is visit a working link of Desire Movies and hit the TV Shows category. When you do that, you can download the latest Hindi and English shows from the website in the best definition possible.



We wish to clarify that individuals aren’t at all associated with Desire Movies and the illegal services they’re offering. The main goal of this information is to help people across the globe know and understand what this unique site is about and what it has to offer. Also, we don’t promote piracy and illegal distribution of movies and shows.

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