Five Methods BYOD Can Benefit Your Small Business.



Many questions are raised about BYOD or bringing your device, such as whether this practice benefits small businesses. If you’re unfamiliar with BYOD, it’s the idea that allows employees to use their own devices, including tablets, smart phones, or computers, to work on and utilize them on the company’s network for work reasons.

In the past two years, most companies have embraced the trend. By 2017, it is estimated that half of the world’s businesses will have a BYOD policy in the works. If you’re a small company owner needing help incorporating BYOD into your business practices, Consider the benefits that BYOD can bring to small-sized enterprises. The advice on this site, Work At Home, might help you reach your new project’s most basic success metrics.

Enhancing Employee Productivity

One of the most significant advantages of BYOD for large and small companies is that People are seeing an increase in employee productivity. In fact that 62 percent of companies that have implemented a BYOD program claim that the primary reason for them to have an in-place program is to boost employees’ productivity. A worker can gain up to 57 minutes daily using a BYOD program.

Additionally, one study has shown that 18% of small-sized businesses have seen over 30 percent productivity increases by adopting mobile work practices. A significant part of this work-from-home style is BYOD because employees can keep in touch with their working on their devices when working away from their office. Let’s take a look at the reasons why BYOD can boost productivity:

  • Employees can pick which platform they want they want to use, which means they can choose the platform they’re most comfortable and most productive on.
  • Workers can stay connected and work from anywhere they want, allowing them to work whenever and wherever they want.
  • The employees are happier with their devices, which help them accomplish their tasks more effectively.

Finding more qualified workers

In reality, BYOD is now an essential aspect that prospective employees consider when applying for employment. A recent study found that “two-thirds of small business mobile device users believe their company would lose competitive ground without mobile devices.” This competitiveness doesn’t only mean reaching high levels of efficiency and productivity; it’s also about recruiting and keeping talented employees as personal devices are now an integral part of our everyday lives. If you’re still having concerns concerning business, you can go to this site Slowly.

This can be attributed to employees being happier with BYOD programs than with corporate-issued devices. In fact that 61 percent of businesses that allow personal devices to be used have higher satisfaction with their employees, and businesses consistently rank satisfaction of employees as the number second reason to implement the BYOD program, right after productivity. Furthermore, most job applicants claim to view companies more positively when they can support their devices. Some of the reasons behind this are:

  • Employees appreciate the flexibility the company provides, and they’re happier with the technology they already have and enjoy.
  • BYOD can help improve life balance for employees and helps them lessen their stress levels.
  • It’s easier for them.

Saving Money

Another of the most significant advantages associated with BYOD is that it can help businesses save money. One reason is that the user is usually responsible for their device and services cost. Although many companies provide refunds, it could save you some dollars by making your employees accountable for a portion of the expense. Taking care of a part of the price of the device or service will also improve the satisfaction of employees since they can get a discount for their own devices.

In this scenario, it’s a win-win scenario, And you don’t have to ask employees to purchase the devices they want. If they have the option between personal and company-owned devices, Many employees are prepared to buy their own devices to take to work. A Cisco study shows that employees spend around $600 cost out of pocket to use their own devices to work. The study also revealed that businesses could reduce their costs by an average of $300-$1,300 per employee using BYOD.

However, the expense of the device is one of many in which you’ll save money. Also, it would be best if you considered the higher productivity levels. Look at the cash and time you can save with the device. In addition, because you don’t need to teach employees how to use the latest technology and software, you’ll save money and time on training.

Gaining access to Newer Technologies

It can take time for businesses to switch to the latest technology; however, it takes little time for an individual to make the transition independently. One advantage that employees can use their devices is that it helps your business move to more modern technologies quicker and assist you in keeping current with developments for greater effectiveness and productivity. Because employees are using their own devices, they can bring these new technologies into the workplace faster than a company could assist your business in utilizing modern technology more quickly.

Improved Mobility at the Workplace

According to the article, many employees with their devices at work utilize them at home. Making the switch to a mobile work environment can have many benefits. You can contact your employees anytime, whether it’s after working hours or taking a vacation. A study shows that 70% of mobile users access their company emails frequently outside regular business hours. Because BYOD can blur the lines between personal and work life, Your employees are more likely to remain connected even when they are not at work.


But it does more than enable you to keep connected outside of regular business hours. It allows you to let employees travel on vacation or enjoy time with their families and not take time off work. This ultimately leads to happier, more satisfied, and more productive employees. This can give you an advantage over your competitors. If you’re interested in learning more about the management of businesses and financial skills, visit this site. Its website is UK Business.

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